Civic House has chosen three themes for the Seeds to Revolution during the Spring 2017 academic semester. Based on current trends, political climates, and events, Civic House would like to emphasize Resistance in the Trump EraSelf-Care, and Trans* Awareness and Empowerment. Submissions to the Civic House blog are not limited to these three themes. Instead, they serve as guiding points and areas of interest for our students. We welcome all submissions!

Resistance in the Trump Era

With the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States in 2016, the country has entered into an era of even greater uncertainty and fear than in the previous administration. Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric and toxic policies have openly discriminated upon many different groups of people, resulting in a worldwide wave of protests and resistance to his administration. Civic House would like to its-now-or-never-nationwide-protests-against-trump-continue-for-a-third-nightspotlight those involved in the front line of resistance against Trump’s policies, whether it be in protest, advocacy and lobbying, or direct legislative and judicial action.


In this decade alone, numerous social movements and activist communities have formed to combat issues ranging from institutionalized racism to homophobia, transphobia, and heterosexism to environmental degradation. Civic House acknowledges the immense physical, emotional, mental, and psychological toll that continuous activism and organizing, as well as exposure to hate, brings to individuals. In order to mitigate this fatigue, self-care is imperative. Self-care looks different for everyone, but generally involves placing the needs and health of oneself over their work and obligations when necessary. Some popular methods of self-care include meditation, journaling, reading, journalinggoing for a walk, exercising, eating well, artistic endeavors, napping, and so much more. Please share with us how you take care of yourself and what we can do to help.

Trans* Awareness and Empowerment

The Trans* community faces some of the highest rates of suicide, hate crimes, homelessness, and poverty, even within highly developed countries. For trans* women of color, these statistics are even more grave. The intersecting forces of cissexism, heterosexism, racism, classism, and more add up to exact a significant toll on the trans* community’s safety and wellbeing. In addition, recent public policy discriminating against trans* individuals under Trump’s administration in the United States has incensed even more transphobia. Given these dire circumstances, it’s critical that we work to increase awareness of the needs of the fa558bb38847589c212e369fdbcc8131.jpgtrans* community, be effective allies, and learn about how we can help to empower them. Civic House is seeking submissions focusing on the experiences and issues of the trans* community.