Who We Are

Civic House is the University of Pennsylvania’s hub for civic engagement, community outreach, and social justice education. We strive to prepare students for responsible community engagement and empower them to become advocates for social change by collaborating with community partners in Philadelphia, as well as through our training programs and workshops.

At the core of everything we do is you, our students. We’ve created this blog to showcase your voice so you may tackle the issues most important to you on your own terms. Interested? Contact us

The Blog

This blog is a direct extension of Civic House’s efforts—to empower students to discuss, criticize, and tackle today’s social issues. As such, our focus is to publish pieces written by Penn students, but we are open to submissions by our campus or community partners if they are interested in collaborating with us. We accept all forms of media, from traditional blog pieces to photo and video to short stories and poems. We invite you to fill out the GoogleForm here if you are interested in submitting a post.

How to Submit

You can contact us here with anything from a few vague ideas to a fleshed-out and fully-researched commentary on an important issue. One of our staff works with you to either complete your piece, if you haven’t done so already, or to help prepare it for publication on the site.

It’s Your Work

We can’t say this enough. Civic House’s editing process is intentionally limited—this is your voice, not ours. Your editor may suggest changes, provide resources related to your piece, or offer copyediting help, but you may refuse any of the changes. Working with us in no way means you are required to publish your piece, you may withdraw at any time if you change your mind or are dissatisfied with the editing process. At the end of the day you are the author of the piece, not us, and we want you to be happy when you see it published on the site.

The blog is an outlet for students to educate, collaborate, and lead.