Inspired by the hashtag #Thisis2016 that was created in response to New York Times editor Michael Luo’s open letter to someone who told him to “go back to China” and Bowdoin Asian Students Association’s photo campaign, this is UPenn Asian Pacific Student Coalition’s take on common Asian Pacific Islander/American microaggressions. API/As at Penn were asked to share moments of racial insensitivity and ignorance that they have experienced and highlight the continued need for discussion. We recognize that many statements are not intended to be rude or disrespectful, yet these incidents highlight the continued need to break down stereotypes commonly held. Please feel free to start a dialogue, but keep in mind that these are only brief looks into the full stories that people have experienced. This is part 1 of the #NotYourModelMinority photo campaign.

“Don’t expect us to ignore the oppression of other minorities. #NotYourModelMinority” – Cathy Zhang
“‘The Asian community is so self-segregating.’ Me: ‘Why does no one ever tell groups of white people they are self-segregating? #NotYourModelMinority” – Yen-Yen Gao


“‘South Asians aren’t REALLY Asians.’ #NotYourModelMinority” – Raisa Shah





16836026_10154697996633801_4728743644366924965_o (1).jpg
“No, my clothes don’t smell like curry. #NotYourModelMinority” – Vedika Gopal



16825811_10154697996813801_4579002066815189063_o (1)
“I’m NOT just good at math. #NotYourModelMinority” – Cheryl Li







“‘Where are you from? …No, where are you really from?’ #NotYourModelMinority” – Jessica Li
“I’m proud to be the child of Asian-American immigrants. I’m proud to be Asian-American. #NotYourModelMinority” – Kamal Gill








“‘You should learn Chinese. After all, Vietnamese people are basically Chinese.’ #NotYourModelMinority” – Luke Kertcher

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