Support PCDC’s “Another Village” development project by signing this petition. Our project delivers direct benefits to the underserved and low-income in Chinatown: affordable senior housing, family housing, green space, a children’s playground, fresh food markets, pesticide-free urban farming, jobs for English Language Learners, and retail space for small businesses. Don’t let the City give away Chinatown’s land.
English Petition and Information

Chinese Petition and Information

PCDC’s project includes 2 proposals:

(1) The team of EZPark and Pennrose propose a 6-story office building for legal nonprofits, a hotel, and a parking lot. They have added senior housing and “luxury high rise apartments” to their proposal.

(2) The team of PCDC, Parkway, and Presbys Inspired Life propose 60 affordable senior housing units, 120 family housing units, 29,000 sq ft streetfront retail space reserved for small businesses including one reserved for a supermarket multiplex, Philadelphia’s first hydroponic, pesticide-free urban farm that will create 20 new jobs and provide local clean food, Chinatown’s first public outdoor green space and playground, and 180 self-park parking spaces.

Only PCDC, Parkway, and Presbys Inspired Life have over 150 years of experience developing similar projects in Chinatown. Only PCDC, Parkway, and Presbys Inspired Life have produced a project that is tailored to meet the needs of BOTH the Chinatown and Philadelphia community.

EZPark and Pennrose’s offices could be housed at a much lower cost anywhere in Philadelphia. Only PCDC, Parkway, and Presbys Inspire Life’s proposal was built for the Chinatown community. 

While EZPark and Pennrose’s project continues to perpetuate nearly a century of disenfranchising Chinatown’s residents and small businesses in favor of community-disruptive development, PCDC, Parkway, and Presbys Inspired Life propose to reclaim this parcel from which Chinatown residents and small businesses were evicted in 1960, and give it back to a community that provides cultural and linguistic resources to Asian Americans throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

Chinatown has fought off proposals for a jail (1994), baseball stadium (2000), and a casino (2008). Constantly, developers overlook the fact that Chinatown is a home to families with children. Chinatown has since lost 25% of its land area to major urban development projects even as its population grows. Join PCDC to reclaim Chinatown’s last available parcel for its community. 

Chinatown needs your support. Help preserve Chinatown’s culture and heritage. Sign the petition to show your support.


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